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Sherri Ferren
Fearless Leader / Client Keeper

Sherri Ferren has led strategy and implementation teams for a number of high profile brands including Yahoo, Nissan, Toyota Financial Services, XBOX, Aramark, Honda, Acura, NBC, Hyundai, Intel, and 2K. Following a long record of significant achievement at two of the world’s leading brand and experiential marketing agencies, she founded TFA to provide clients with nimble, game-changing marketing solutions.

Known for her close working relationships with clients, Sherri’s view is that lean, dedicated teams of best-in-class strategists, creative directors, and project managers combined with the right integrated mix of digital, social, experiential, content, and media production experts, is the key to delivering unique solutions that grow brands.

Career Highlights:

Microsoft XBOX 360 Kinect
How do you reach new, non-gamer consumers with a cutting-edge entertainment solution? By carefully planning a global experiential campaign, launching a major rebranding, and executing hands-on indoor/outdoor experiences. Following a close collaboration between agencies, launched a six month awareness tour including social media, reach of new audiences, and metrics/lead capture. The result? Exceeded.

  • Seven million unit sales during the holiday shopping season.

Toyota Financial Services/Lexus Financial Services
How do you create preference and long-term loyalty for a nearly invisible brand with three key audiences: employees, dealers, and consumers? By defining the brand’s value proposition, key attributes, messaging, and distinct positioning. Then, add the development as well implementation of a three-year marketing and communication strategy. The results? Astounding.

  • Achieved three-year goal of moving from $33B to $56B in cash assets in 14 months.
  • Achieved 96% high adoption of brand attributes with internal and dealer audiences.
  • Increased loyalty from 52% to 76% in first two years.



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Peter W. Ladue
Strategist / Creative Director

Peter Ladue is a strategist and creative director working with Fortune 500 companies in the technology, healthcare, consumer products and financial services sectors. Peter oversees campaign strategy, creative, and content development for integrated marketing, product launches, branding and experiential marketing.

Peter has won over 40 international awards for creative excellence including an Academy Award – Best Documentary and an Emmy Award – Best Sports Special. His work has been presented at the United Nations, The White House, New York’s Museum of Modern Art, the Boston Garden and the American Film Institute. His productions have been broadcast on CBS, ABC, PBS, the BBC, The Discovery Channel, TNT and MTV.

Career Highlights:

Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty
A cause marketing campaign that touched the lives of women of all ages, around the world. The campaign utilized street marketing, viral video, the web, print and television advertising, educational programs, and news coverage to encourage women to rethink traditional concepts of beauty. The results? - Six years later, the campaign is still going strong.

IBM’s Future of Events
A yearlong research project exploring the latest breakthroughs in cognitive and behavioral sciences to reassess learning and relationship-building during live and virtual experiences. The project changed the fundamentals of how IBM communicates with its customers, worldwide, during the tens of thousands of live and online meetings it conducts each year.

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Ryan Lewis
Digital Marketing Director

Ryan Lewis is a digital marketing expert specializing in social media, marketing automation, CRM integration, gamification and behavioral analytics. Ryan has worked with companies such as Intel, Sikorsky and Microsoft and has developed digital marketing integrations that seamlessly bridge the gap between physical and digital environments.

Ryan’s quest for “Perfect Marketing” through research, hard work and creativity has earned him several digital marketing awards and accolades from around the world. To Ryan, “Perfect Marketing” is the moment when each media channel connects for exponential reach, self-perpetuated messaging and exact measurement.

Career Highlights:

Power Rangers (Saban Brands)
Power Rangers wanted to relaunch and re-engage their audience using social channels. A strategy was developed and executed resulting in the most engaged audience compared to their top 10 competitors. Power Rangers has frequently trended on Google and Twitter to become one of the most successful brand relaunches in digital marketing history.

Intel Corporate Marketing Group
Intel CMG was fragmented by department and region for identified targeted personas and Subject Matter Experts. Digital content was trapped within Subject Matter Expert silos and archived databases. A workflow structure-content optimization-content distribution-KPI analysis strategy was developed and executed. The results?

  • 130% increase in engagement and 1125% increase in audience reach within the targeted community.
  • Intel CMG now creates, distributes and measures social content with a high level of efficiency and insights and insights.

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Amanda Litzow
Event Strategist

Amanda Litzow is an experiential strategist who has worked with some of the most successful technology companies such as HP, SAP, CA, Intel,, Cisco and Gartner. She has built comprehensive new event operating models transforming the way the event teams worked, gaining efficiencies and improving effectiveness in experiential strategy, planning, operations and execution.

Using data analysis, industry research and her many years of experience, Amanda has developed significant programs to evaluate and qualify customer/partner experiences with the goal of optimizing the marketing event mix for the best business results.

Amanda has also led event execution, marcoms and content teams to deliver on business objectives, through the media of physical and virtual events, social media and e-marketing. Effective and meaningful measurement is an essential part of the event strategy process.

Career Highlights:

Intel Reseller Program
Intel needed a plan for a new reseller program to focus on the right partners, increase revenue, decrease costs and build closer relationships. Using the available sales data, analysis showed unexpected results causing a reassessment of how funds were being spent on partner experiences. The comprehensive plan developed and operationalized increased efficiencies and effectiveness by needing less funding and resources, and producing better than expected results.

SAP (a new way of working)
Dysfunctional teams can greatly undermine the success of experiential marketing and reduce the return on investment for the company brand running events. The methodology of how event experiences were delivered at SAP needed an overhaul. Through a carefully structured plan and change management process, the business outcomes of the events were better as a result of greater alignment with business stakeholders. The results? Redefined the industry.

  • Efficiency of the event teams was increased 20% year on year.
  • Consistency in brand expression, messaging and attendee experience was achieved across ~3,000 events globally.
  • Maintained the global/local balance of ownership.

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Bill Callison
Executive Producer/Technical Producer

For over 18 years, Bill Callison has produced events for some of the most influential and notable companies and organizations in venues around the world. After leaving his role as Senior Executive Producer at Microsoft for 10 years, Bill continues to produce critical events that target internal and external audiences including HTC, Parallels Computing, PayPal, and Microsoft. In addition, he has become the lead producer for some of the world’s most high profile events supporting the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Whether working with a Prime Minister, CEO, or demo technician, Bill is adept at ensuring each is comfortable, informed, and fully supported while onstage for their presentations. He works closely with client teams to ensure needs are met, voices are heard, and production is flawless. Bill excels at leading production teams that work seamlessly with client teams and their very important audiences.

Career Highlights:

CEO Summit
Helped produce and create the original CEO Summit series for Microsoft and Fortune Magazine. Continues as part of the core team that elevated the series from a novelty one-time event to one of the gold standards in the area of executive level events.

Produced TEDxChange Berlin for the Gates Foundation in a decommissioned power plant in Berlin. The result? - Created a unique and memorable platform from which Melinda Gates launched her initiative to help empower women around the world.

Four consecutive years as producer for Microsoft’s MGX (Global Sales and Marketing Meeting) for 15,000 people in Miami (American Airlines Arena), New Orleans (X2) (Superdome), and Atlanta (Georgia Dome). Proven track record of flawless execution and client satisfaction.

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Consumer Experience

The Challenge:
Create integrated, live brand experiences to overcome brand and product skepticism in a hard core gamer audience. How can our company credibly provide immersive, hands-on experiences that connect the players to our brand?

The Result:
By designing and producing not-been-done-before demo spaces, we enabled the successful PAX launch and community building of two new games that captured the hearts and minds of the gaming community. More importantly we also captured their imaginations and inspired WOM. Upon game release, achieved record sales and social dialogue.

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Product Launch and Marketing

The Challenge:
Create and manage a global integrated marketing campaign including social media, web, sales tools, monthly communications, and measurement for a digital-out-of-home solution from one of the world’s largest high tech companies.

The Result:
Within six months of the commercial launch elevated the new service to first place in market and mindshare.

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Integrated Strategy

The Challenge:
Develop brand positioning, integrated marketing strategy and messaging for an emerging division of a global technology provider that clearly differentiates the client from the competition.

The Result:
An agile, actionable go-to-market plan and tactics that garnered increased sales traction within two weeks of launch.

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Technology Conference

The Challenge:
Conduct research, competitive audits, and analysis to define marketing platforms, positioning, recognition programs, and performance metrics for a major global proprietary meeting event and trade show.

The Result:
Definition of end-customer objectives, focused and relevant content, methods for attendee networking before and after events, and a per attendee cost savings of 20%.

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Partner Meeting and Showcase

The Challenge:
Define new benchmarks and implement new programs for a channel partner conference and product showcase that had already a reputation as the industry’s gold-standard.

The Result:
Through a clear business and creative strategy, fostered higher brand awareness, increased attendee participation, engagement and content retention, and increased sponsorship levels – resulting in a 25% or more increase in all of the above categories.

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Automotive Brand Development

The Challenge:
Develop a brand evolution roadmap for a luxury automotive brand that leverages their strengths while moving to a more contemporary positioning to enable growth with a younger demographic.

The Result:
An eighteen month plan with clearly identified audience touchpoints, unique messages, live experiences, internal training, and alignment with product launches that restored ranking as the number one luxury brand.

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